Chapter 4

I liked the author’s analogy about how when he first started typing he was not sure what keys he was pressing and once he got enough practice he was able to figure out what keys he was pressing without looking at it. When he pressed the wrong key he was able to recognize it without having to look at the keyboard. I think that same concept is true when working in the field. Once you get a lot of practice with coding in a language or a particular technology then you will be able to notice when you are making mistakes without even thinking twice about it. I also liked how you should be prepared for every scenario put out there. When a customer you are making software for wants something entirely different than what was initially planned then you should be prepared to make changes without having to stress much. I also liked how the author talked about how it is always a good idea to walk away from a problem when you are stressing too much about it. When you walk away you are able to relax and think much more clearly which at the end will help you produce and solve the problem you had to deal with from the start. I would personally take whatever the author said in this chapter and apply it in the workplace since a lot of it is proven and I have tried it and it works when performing any type of task.


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