Chapter 3

I agree with the author. A lot of the times at the work place people say they will do the work but do not seem to show commitment to doing it. When you agree to do something for the job you do it because you are getting paid for it. At the end you as the employee of the company have control over what you can and cannot do. When you have a task at had you should always do it even when you do not seem to have the will power to. One way to show this commitment is to tell you manager or whoever by when you will be able to finish the task by. It works for me because it allows you to manage your time better and be able to focus on the task(s) at hand. This works even if you are depending on someone else to finish their tasks because even if you are relying on them so that you will be able to integrate your efforts you can still do your part of the overall task without him/her. Also if you are stuck on the task you are given tell your team that you have a problem. You are not helping anyone out by not telling anyone and by doing this someone will be able to help you with the issue or pick up the issue for you.


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